About Us

Paktax is a Pakistani software program through which taxpayers can prepare Pakistan income tax returns for online filing with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) from anywhere in the world.

Our software has been developed, and is managed, by highly qualified and experienced experts (including PhD level and FBR authorized tax experts).

Our goal is to make your return e-filing cost-effective, easy, and private, so that you don’t anymore have to visit tax preparers in person, pay high fees even for simplest tax returns, and worry about disclosure of your confidential information (just because of e-filing your return).

Many taxpayers often don’t e-file returns because they can’t do their returns themselves and if they go to tax preparers then they have to deal with privacy invasion concerns, and rightly so.

The FBR requires taxpayers to provide extremely sensitive private information to e-file their return, such as info about their CNICs, bank accounts, houses, cars, assets, children, and numerous other things.

Taxpayers often don’t want their tax preparers to know their such sensitive private info, particularly, if the tax preparers know them personally and socially (which is usually the case in our country). They are often concerned about misuse of the info if their relationship falls out, or simply because they just don’t want their personal and social relations to know about their income, assets and other private financial situation.

Our software offers you a state-of-the-art computer program through which you can securely e-file your returns with complete privacy, without disclosing your confidential info to anyone else.

We provide you simple do-it-yourself platform through which you can yourself very easily and accurately prepare and file your tax returns electronically free of cost, with the help of step-by-step tips and guidance from our computer software.

We also offer expert help when you need it at any time during your e-filing process. For your peace of mind, we don’t need your private financial information for providing you this help, unless you want so yourself.

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